Para Que Sirve El Augmentin 600

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Located at the heart of Midtown, Montebello buzzes with excitement as a business lunch spot with high-powered patrons such as Mayor Bloomberg, Donald Trump, and Barbara Walters.

According to Where Magazine, “Montebello is the most romatic of romantic rendezvous.” Celebrities such as Tony Bennett, Neil Simon, Kate Moss, Ron Howard, the Baldwin brothers and Michael Richards enjoy the beautiful private banquettes and soothing atmosphere of this elegant, unpretentious space.

Owner Joe Bozic provides a dining experience vitually unrivalled in the city. Montebello has received a 5 star rating from the American Academy of Hospitality an Elite Dining Award in recognition of excellence in dining. The service is warm and attentive; the decor is artistic and inviting; and the award-wining food is sublime.

Joe Bozic states: “Montebello is here to share our passion for dining well in New York. We believe that companionship at the table and respect for the art of dining brings out our best qualities as people. We sincerely hope you will visit Montebello and be a part of this experience.”